WWE was in a real situation last week. Their Superstars were mostly stuck in Saudi Arabia and those who were able to make it out of the country wouldnt be back in time for Friday Night SmackDown.

NXT Superstars were rushed up to Buffalo and they landed at 7:55 PM giving them mere minutes to make it to the arena. This is why Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar took such a long time with their opening segment which was followed by Bayley vs Nikki Cross.

Matt Riddle was one of the NXT Superstars who was rushed up to Buffalo and he recently shared a video from this experience.

Riddle and Keith Lee werent the only ones who made the trip up to Buffalo from Orlando. This jet was full of NXT Superstars all making a last minute trip to fill in when they were needed.

Theyre not the only ones with a crazy travel story from that day as Pat McAfees story is pretty incredible as well.

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