In a new interview with Ariel Helwani Meets, The Blueprint of WWE, Sasha Banks, took time to open up about the way Eddie Guerrero impacted her life.Banks has mentioned his influence on her career before, and she makes certain to include moves from his repertoire into her matches.

Some fans would be surprised to learn that Sashas hero, Eddie Guerrero, passed on the same day that she was attending his WWE RAW tribute show. It wasnt until arriving at the arena did Sasha hear the news of Eddies passing and realize she was at his tribute show.

Yes, its kind of crazy how the universe works and how that happened to be in Minneapolis, where I lived at the time. I was so excited to go to that show. All I wanted to do was to show Eddie Guerrero my sign. All I was thinking was, Oh my God, I hope Eddie sees my sign.

I won second-row tickets that night from doing this autograph signing with Ashley Massaro. And I remember going into the arena and I just saw all these signs that said RIP Eddie Guerrero. And I was so confused, Sasha Banks noted. I was like, Well, maybe Minneapolis doesnt like Eddie. Because it was advertised Eddie Guerrero vs. The Undertaker which I just assumed everybody loved the Undertaker versus Batista. And a fan came up to me and told me Eddie Guerrero passed away that night and everything inside of me just broke. I couldnt believe that my hero passed away. I was crying like a little baby, I was in my moms arms just bawling. I just couldnt believe it, but I thought, Wow, Im going to have to watch it. Im here for Eddie.'

The former multi-time Womens Champion believes that without Eddies inspiration, she never would have reached the heights she has in her career.

Always, I always do [try to pay tribute to Eddie]. I walk upstairs and I see all my accolades, and I see my little trophies, my statues, my figures, and I see my figures of Eddie Guerrero, Banks said. I couldnt be here, I wouldnt be in the main event of WrestleMania,I wouldnt be inThe Mandalorian. I wouldnt be in all these first-time-evers if it wasnt for Eddie Guerrero. So its so crazy that he made such an impact on my life that he made me fight for my dreams, so Im so thankful for him.

Though she cannot grow close to Eddie himself, Sasha Banks mentioned how she has a good relationship with other members of his family.

Yes, I have [told Vickie how much Eddie meant to me]. It was something so beautiful and they actually captured it on Its so cool that I got to work with her, I got to work with his daughter, Shaul, I got to work with his son-in-law, Aiden English. To be in just a little bit of contact with the Guerreros and let them know how much he meant to me, its so cool. Shaul Guerrero actually gave me a pair of his tights that it means so much to me. Like, its so beautiful what the Guerrero family has done for wrestling and I just hope Im paying a little bit of a tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

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