WWE hyped the mysterious debut of a new Scrypts character for weeks. When the time finally came to debut this new stalker gimmick, fans were taken aback. The inspiration for this new character is also incredibly interesting because it drew from real-life events.

The WWE Performance Center stalkerhas been arrested several times for trespassing on WWE property. Armando Alejandro Montalvo routinely sneakedonto the facility, where he smeared his poo on the walls and was even shot in the stomach by an Orange County Police Officer for his troubles years ago. You can check out the video below if youd like to see that.

Montalvo is renowned for making multiple headlines for doing crazy stuff on WWE premises, like appearing randomly while asking for a job as well. This was a nightmare when the company was trying to film television during the pandemic era. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that SCRYPTS gimmick on WWE NXT this week was actually inspired by Montalvo.

Following SCRYPTS appearance on WWE NXT, many people came to the conclusion that Reggie, the Raw superstar renowned for his impressive acrobatic skills, was the man hiding behind the mask. Reggie, for those who dont know, was a previous WWE 24/7 Champion.

As for Armando Alejandro Montalvo, the guy who claimed to be Wesley Snipes son and targeted WWE in so many ways, he is still a free man and is active on social media. Just yesterday he cut a long freestyle rap on Instagram live where he took shots at WWE. Odds are he will stay off WWE property from now on, if he knows whats good for him.

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